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If you like things that are loud and dirty, I know just the music group for you! One of the hottest electronic acts to emerge in 2010 was the duo known as Dirtyloud. And yes, they are very loud and very dirty! Hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil the nu-electro duo has generated a hard and groovy sound in their production that has caught many by surprise. Their tracks have received support from several notable DJs like David Guetta, Afrojack, and Deadmau5. With their groovy yet tough style, Dirtyloud has had great success on the electronic music charts of Beatport. Most notably, the duo had four tracks in the top 10 electro-house chart at one point in 2011. Their cutting edge sound has received attention world-wide and can be heard in clubs all over. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Dirtyloud!

A remix the two young guns did for superstar DJ Afrojack! This one encapsulates the housey elements of the original, while still adding the hard edge of the Dirtyloud sound.

If only school was this funky!

An awesome mix put out by the Brazilians in celebration of reaching 50,000 fans on their Facebook page.


Mr. Robinson’s Spitfire

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Spitfire is the debut EP of 19-year old internationally recognized DJ/producer Porter Robinson. The teenager first got the attention of the EDM world with the release of his successful singles “Say My Name” and “Wildcat” on Beatport.

These two electro hits in addition to several remixes for artists like Lady Gaga, Spencer and Hill, and Tim Berg, shot Robinson to the top. His tracks were recognized by notable acts like Deadmau5 and Skrillex. This past summer he signed with OWSLA, a new label operated by Skrillex, and released Spitfire as the label’s first production. In the past few months Porter Robinson has performed with such artists as Tiesto, Deadmau5, Afrojack, Moby, A-Trak, and Dada Life. Most recently, he wrapped up doing a North American tour with Tiesto on The College Invasion Tour. With opportunities like this, his fame continues to grow and so does the appreciation for his music. Here is a mini-documentary of the recent tour he did with Tiesto.

Pretty crazy experience for a teenager right? Shows how talent can get you places. Below are a number of tracks from Porter’s new EP. Check them out and let us know what you think!


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Born in 2006, Cyberpunkers is the project of two young Italian DJs influenced by Cyberpunk culture. With their hard-hitting electro anthems, the duo has gained a lot of attention worldwide. Their live performances have been called remarkable with a non-traditional use of two consoles powered by several audio machines in addition to CDJs. They declare much of their music to be a form of political protest against the current social issues through its edgy rock-like synths, heavy basslines, and controversial lyrics.

A bit intense ey?! But this is exactly what some people are looking for now in electronic music. Something hard and heavy! Take a listen to some of these tracks below. I find them quite epic!

AndDrop! w/ LA RIOTS!!!

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On December 2nd we were fortunate enough to open up for the one and only LA Riots at UC-Berkeley’s “The Glade”. It was an amazing night! All the acts who performed were really awesome. Going right before the headliner was an honor. Since we only had time for a forty-five minute set, we could not play all the tracks we wanted to, but still were able to pump out some crazy dance tunes. The crowd loved it! Got some feedback that people liked our set even more than the headliner, which is secretly what every opener wants to hear. We played a pretty heavy electro set with some nice melodic breakdowns and epic builds to encapsulate the AndDrop! sound. Thanks to everyone who came out and suppoted us! Below is the track listing from the set:

1. Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Shock One
2. Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix) – Dubsidia
3. Cabala (Original Mix)- Cyberpunkers
4. Everybody in the Place (AutoErotique Remix) – Joachim Garraud
5. Middle Fingers Up (Original Mix)- Liberty
6. Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Remix) – Radiohead
7. Magic Trooper (OVERWERK Remix) – Mord Fustang
8. Mush, Mush (Original Mix) – Bassjackers
9. Crispy Cake (Original Mix) – ELectrixx
10. I-tune (Original Mix) – Miles Dyson
11. Dumb (Original Mix) – AndDrop!
12. Turniquet (Original Mix) – Knife Party
13. Not So Funny (Indo Silver Club Remix) – Sawgood
14. Hitz (Dillon Francis Remix) – Chase & Status
15. Lady Lover (Original Mix) – AndDrop!
16. Reptile’s Theme – Skrillex
17. Audio Control (Original Mix) – Dilemn & The Clamps
18. Godspeed ft. Emma Stuart (Original Mix) – AndDrop!
19. Horizon (Dilemn Remix) – Subdue
20. Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant – Cold Blank

While the anthems for Summer 2011 were Bassjacker‘s “Mush Mush” and Avicii‘s “Levels”, this winter has its own smash hit track. It’s called “Tornado” and it’s the work of Dim Mak head Steve Aoki and global superstar DJ Tiesto.  The track has been called a dancefloor savior. With its catchy synths and electro heavy bassline, the track has the potential to be an unforgettable track. It has all the elements to be a BANGER! Since the DJs who created the track our two of the most famous electronic artists in the world, I’m sure this track won’t be shorthanded in the amount of attention it receives. Get ready for the TORNADO!

Bonjour! C’est Autoerotique

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Autoerotique are an EDM monster! Signing to the praised electronic music label Dim Mak in 2009, the duo made up of Keith Robertson and Dave Henderson have been creating dancefloor bangers for the past few years. With smash hits like “Gladiator” and “Turn up the Volume”, Autoerotique is making their way to the top of the Electro-house world. In Spring 2011, they released an EP titled Freak, which has 8 remixes of the group’s single also titled “Freak”. Most recently, the powerhouse duo has released several remixes for superstar DJs like Tiesto and Joachim Garraud. Both of these remixes have gotten major play in clubs worldwide. Chem them out below:

We are AndDrop!

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We are AndDrop! and this is our story:
AndDrop! is the brainchild of DJ Joe Wiseman (Washington D.C.) and producers/brothers Harris and Sylvain Kauffman (Fresno, California). Joe and Harris joined forces at UC Berkeley with Joe as the DJ, playing their tunes at local parties and clubs in the East Bay, and Harris turning out the original cuts. It wasn’t much later when the friends asked younger brother Sylvain – a junior in high school with composing abilities beyond his years – to join the collaboration. They formed like Voltron. A year later, the adventure continues. AndDrop! has taken the promising electro crew all over the map, rocking crowds from game day frat parties to world renowned night clubs such as Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa. From local legends to internationally recognized, AndDrop! has lit up dance floors alongside such notable DJs as LA RIOTS, Daedelus, Haezer, Das Kapital, S-T3RRA, and many more, both in the States and abroad.

Deriving their name from that pivotal moment in every banger dance track – that sound that has come to define the music of Generation Z, AndDrop!’s original mixes and sets revolve around just that – the “drop.” No one genre can define AndDrop!’s sound, fusing everything from old school hip hop and roots reggae to emergent electronic genres such as Electro, Moombahton, and Dubstep. When asked to define their style, they always give the same answer: party music. Their latest track “Dumb” continues to gain support and rack up the plays, combining epic builds with hard-hitting bass, and a catchy vocal sample from hyphy legend Messy Marv. With innumerable tracks in preproduction, exciting collabs, and many thrilling shows in the books, you can expect big things from AndDrop! in the future.

Thanks for reading! Now check out some of our tracks below: