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OVERWERK ???!!!!

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The 22-year old producer and songwriter from London, Canada introduces himself to the world of electro with the release of his debut EP The Nth ° on November 30th, 2011. Mixing electro sounds with touches of dubstep and house, OVERWERK’s production quality is untouched in the electro community. Having begun his digital music production at the young age of seven, the musical phenom has developed his style over the years to create the dynamic sound found in his brand new EP. After having released several popular remixes in the past year, OVERWERK has finally come out with a spectacular set of original tracks in The Nth° :


If there is one musician and businessman that I had to pick as my favorite and biggest influence it would have to be Wesley Pentz, better known as DIPLO. As the founder and head of the well-known multi-genre label Mad Decent, renowned producer for superstar artists like M.I.A., Chris Brown, and Beyonce, and celebrated solo-producer under the name Diplo and Major Lazer, Mr. Pentz has been at the top of the nu-wave music scene for the past few years. He first gained the attention of the music world after the release of his debut album “Florida” and even more so four years later after being Grammy nominated in 2008 for the hit M.I.A. track “Paper Planes”.  Once he was noticed as one of the best producers in pop music, Diplo was commisioned to make songs for some of the biggest mainstream artist. At the same time, he was able to continue creating his own music and started a project called Major Lazer, inspired by Jamaican dancehall, with fellow famed producer Switch. Soon after the release of the hit song “Pon De Floor”, Major Lazer was booked at some of the biggest electronic music festivals around the world and made a name for themselves as leaders of the rebirth of electronic music in North America over the past few years.

-One of Major Lazer’s new singles that had made a mark late in 2011 in the DJ charts.-

Meanwhile, Diplo has still been able to head one of the biggest independent labels, produce hit mainstream tracks, and maintain his own solo-production under the name Diplo and Major Lazer. Below are some of my favorite Diplo creations:

Nominated for Grammy’s Song of the Year 2011

Helped bring the genre of Moombahton to the masses through his label Mad Decent. Check out Diplo’s favorite Moombah tracks in this mix!

Awesome collaboration with the world’s biggest DJ. Definition of a banger!

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Zeds Dead Baby

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Zeds Dead is the Dubstep/Electro duo made up of producers DC and Hooks. The group formed in the Summer of 2009 in Toronto, Canada after already having been producing for three years under the name of Mass Productions. They made the switchover from hip-hop to electronic music with the inception of Zeds Dead. Since the transition, ZD has conquered the genre of Dubstep in North America with their signature heavy synths and intense bass lines.  Since having grown globally with their amazing production quality, the group has set off on several tours landing them all over the U.S. and Europe. In the past year, Zeds Dead signed with the renowned label Mad Decent and has released several new tracks that have gained a lot of attention in the EDM world. Below are some of my favorite recent creations by the talented duo:

Next time your at the cafe put on this one on your Ipod and you will for sure be put in a good mood the rest of the day.

Was this popular in 1975? Probably not.

“Undah Ya Skirt” by Zeds Dead
ZD kills it with this Dancehall/Drum & Bass tune. Will smash any dancefloor!

New jam released in December. Similar synth sounds as used in “1975” but still does the job. Epic builds and soulful melodic breakdowns.

Mr. Dillon Francis

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Dillon Francis has been a favorite artist of mine for some time. In the past year, the young LA native has had tremendous success and grown to be internationally recognized as a leading electronic producer. The funny thing is that I saw this coming a long time ago! Having not fully broken through in the scene with his Dubstep and House tracks in 2009 and early 2010, Mr. Francis decided to take a stab at a new blossoming genre called Moombahton, which is a cross between Dutch House and Reggeaton and recognized for its signature 110 BPM (Beats Per Minute) tempo.  In doing so, he made the genre one of the most popular sounds in electronic music these days.  By adding his own spin to the already established genre, Dillon Francis has made a new style of Moombahton called Jump Up or Moombahcore. This can be considered a fusion of Electro, Dubstep, and Moombahton all in one with a tempo around 110 BPM. In 2011, Francis has dominated the charts with several hit singles. Here are some of my favorites:

Cockney Thug

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“You sound like your from London” is a phrase I’m sure Rusko hears quite a bit, but actually he isn’t from London. The Leeds native is said to be one of the founding fathers of the UK Dubstep movement born in the early 2000s. After graduating from Leeds College of Music, the producer began experimenting with the booming genre of Dubstep in London with other notable acts like Skream and Caspa in 2006. The talented musician with roots in Reggae and Dub, added his own style to the fairly dark genre of Dubstep giving it more of an energetic dance vibe. His hit single “Woo Boost” embodies the heavy hitting and bass-driven style Rusko is known for. It is one of the most iconic Dubstep songs ever! More recently the UK superstar has released a debut album titled OMG! on Mad Decent with hit original tracks like “Hold On” and “I Love You”.


Known for high-energy sets Rusko is a DJ you don’t want to miss! He is currently touring in the U.S. and is one of my favorite DJs to see live. Every time he brings it his all and plays a set that will blow you away. Check his website to find out when he is coming to a city near you! Expect more big things out of this guy in the near future…


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No one is bigger in the EDM world right now than Skrillex. With fans of all ages and from every corner of the globe, the 23 year-old Dubstep/Electro phenom has supposedly made it onto an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone and received 5 Grammy nominations this year. Having started his career as a teenager with screamo-punk group From First To Last, Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, shifted gears and began producing electronic music in 2008. He released his first solo EP under the new name in the summer of 2010. Since then, Skrillex has released the widely acclaimed Scary Monster and Nice Sprites and a number of remixes for artist like Lady Gaga, La Roux, and Benny Bennasi.

The respected producer has been called the King of Dubstep! You can hear his tracks played at the world’s biggest clubs and in dorm rooms on every college campus. After having toured with superstar deejay Deadmau5, Skrillex launched his own tour alongside teenage electro sensation Porter Robinson, which hit every major city in the U.S. and Europe. He is currently on a new tour called the Mothership Tour which is sure to land at a city near you. WOMP!


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The story of how the genre of electronic music called Moombahton was created is extremely interesting. Supposedly, while DJing a high school homecoming party for his little cousin in 2009, popular house DJ Dave Nada of the Washington, DC based group Nadastrom, decided to slow the tempo or BPM (beats per minute) of well-known Dutch House tracks so they could be more danceable for a crowd unfamiliar with electronic music. In doing so, he noticed that the edited version of the song’s had their own energy and style. He saw it as an almost electrified version of the already established genre of Latin music called Reggaeton because of the similar tempo. One of the track’s that Nada slowed down to the glorified 110 BPM was Afrojack’s popular club remix hit “Moombah”. In doing so, Nada gave birth to MOOMBAHTON (which is actually the name of the first ever Moombahton track)!

Since the release of the edited Dutch House track, the Moombahton scene has grown to a worldwide phenomenon. Many producers have created their own original tracks as well as create thousands of edits of previously made House songs. Notable producers like Diplo and Dillon Francis have helped popularize the genre by creating their own Moombathon tracks as well as supporting countless other artists doing the same thing. Below are some of my favorite Moombahton tracks of 2011: