Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

The story of how the genre of electronic music called Moombahton was created is extremely interesting. Supposedly, while DJing a high school homecoming party for his little cousin in 2009, popular house DJ Dave Nada of the Washington, DC based group Nadastrom, decided to slow the tempo or BPM (beats per minute) of well-known Dutch House tracks so they could be more danceable for a crowd unfamiliar with electronic music. In doing so, he noticed that the edited version of the song’s had their own energy and style. He saw it as an almost electrified version of the already established genre of Latin music called Reggaeton because of the similar tempo. One of the track’s that Nada slowed down to the glorified 110 BPM was Afrojack’s popular club remix hit “Moombah”. In doing so, Nada gave birth to MOOMBAHTON (which is actually the name of the first ever Moombahton track)!

Since the release of the edited Dutch House track, the Moombahton scene has grown to a worldwide phenomenon. Many producers have created their own original tracks as well as create thousands of edits of previously made House songs. Notable producers like Diplo and Dillon Francis have helped popularize the genre by creating their own Moombathon tracks as well as supporting countless other artists doing the same thing. Below are some of my favorite Moombahton tracks of 2011:


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