It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s DIPLO!

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

If there is one musician and businessman that I had to pick as my favorite and biggest influence it would have to be Wesley Pentz, better known as DIPLO. As the founder and head of the well-known multi-genre label Mad Decent, renowned producer for superstar artists like M.I.A., Chris Brown, and Beyonce, and celebrated solo-producer under the name Diplo and Major Lazer, Mr. Pentz has been at the top of the nu-wave music scene for the past few years. He first gained the attention of the music world after the release of his debut album “Florida” and even more so four years later after being Grammy nominated in 2008 for the hit M.I.A. track “Paper Planes”.  Once he was noticed as one of the best producers in pop music, Diplo was commisioned to make songs for some of the biggest mainstream artist. At the same time, he was able to continue creating his own music and started a project called Major Lazer, inspired by Jamaican dancehall, with fellow famed producer Switch. Soon after the release of the hit song “Pon De Floor”, Major Lazer was booked at some of the biggest electronic music festivals around the world and made a name for themselves as leaders of the rebirth of electronic music in North America over the past few years.

-One of Major Lazer’s new singles that had made a mark late in 2011 in the DJ charts.-

Meanwhile, Diplo has still been able to head one of the biggest independent labels, produce hit mainstream tracks, and maintain his own solo-production under the name Diplo and Major Lazer. Below are some of my favorite Diplo creations:

Nominated for Grammy’s Song of the Year 2011

Helped bring the genre of Moombahton to the masses through his label Mad Decent. Check out Diplo’s favorite Moombah tracks in this mix!

Awesome collaboration with the world’s biggest DJ. Definition of a banger!

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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