We are AndDrop!

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are AndDrop! and this is our story:
AndDrop! is the brainchild of DJ Joe Wiseman (Washington D.C.) and producers/brothers Harris and Sylvain Kauffman (Fresno, California). Joe and Harris joined forces at UC Berkeley with Joe as the DJ, playing their tunes at local parties and clubs in the East Bay, and Harris turning out the original cuts. It wasn’t much later when the friends asked younger brother Sylvain – a junior in high school with composing abilities beyond his years – to join the collaboration. They formed like Voltron. A year later, the adventure continues. AndDrop! has taken the promising electro crew all over the map, rocking crowds from game day frat parties to world renowned night clubs such as Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa. From local legends to internationally recognized, AndDrop! has lit up dance floors alongside such notable DJs as LA RIOTS, Daedelus, Haezer, Das Kapital, S-T3RRA, and many more, both in the States and abroad.

Deriving their name from that pivotal moment in every banger dance track – that sound that has come to define the music of Generation Z, AndDrop!’s original mixes and sets revolve around just that – the “drop.” No one genre can define AndDrop!’s sound, fusing everything from old school hip hop and roots reggae to emergent electronic genres such as Electro, Moombahton, and Dubstep. When asked to define their style, they always give the same answer: party music. Their latest track “Dumb” continues to gain support and rack up the plays, combining epic builds with hard-hitting bass, and a catchy vocal sample from hyphy legend Messy Marv. With innumerable tracks in preproduction, exciting collabs, and many thrilling shows in the books, you can expect big things from AndDrop! in the future.

Thanks for reading! Now check out some of our tracks below:


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